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Practical Decision-making
Is your organization making the right decisions?

Some organizations insist on doing things "the way they've always been done." Others merely copy procedures they see or hear about. These groups often find results disappointing, leaders demoralized, members losing interest, and objectives not being met.

Association Executive Management will provide you with practical ideas to solve your organization's problems and ensure you are making the right decisions for the right situations. We believe you should do what works best for your organization and not be afraid to be different. Success, not conformity, should be your goal.

Are you satisfied with your Board of Directors?

Do you have trouble recruiting Board members? Does your Board lack proper balance – geographic, age, gender, racial, cultural, or professional discipline? Do promising members drift away when passed over for Board positions? Do Board members know their responsibilities? Do all Board members demonstrate the same commitment to the organization? Do you experience Board/staff conflict?

Association Executive Management can help you find answers to these questions and identify what works best for the governance of your organization. Board selection processes, job descriptions, staff relationships, and board management are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed to strengthen your Board and make Board members more enthusiastic and effective as organization leaders.

Interim Management
Do you need someone to manage the organization while you search for a new Executive Director?

Association Executive Management will keep your organization on course during your executive search. We’ll be your Executive Director in the interim, managing all of your programs and activities, supervising employees, and reporting to the Board of Directors, just as a staff person would.

You’ll benefit from the continuity provided by interim management, and your newly hired executive will benefit from an orderly transition.

Speaking, presenting & writing
How can your members and supporters learn how to be more effective leaders and emissaries for your organization?

Members and supporters can benefit from guidance that can help convert their emotional commitment into effective action. They'll then be able to attract more members and contributors, increase awareness of their organizations' missions, win legislative victories, and enable their organizations to work more effectively.

Association Executive Management can provide a keynote speaker or presenter for your conferences, educational sessions, workshops, and webinars, or a writer for your newsletter, magazine, or web site. Our work has helped individuals and organizations learn how effective leadership and practical decision-making can lead to organizational success.

Here are some of the groups we've served:

  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • American Society of Association Executives
  • Association Forum of Chicagoland
  • Center for Non-Profit Success
  • Illinois Association of Park Districts
  • Illinois Park & Recreation Association
  • Illinois Society of Association Executives
  • Illinois Special Events Network
  • Indiana Society of Association Executives
  • Michigan Society of Association Executives
  • Missouri Park & Recreation Association
  • Ohio Park & Recreation Association
  • Road Runners Club of America
  • Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association.

  • Turnaround Planning
    What do you do when everything has gone wrong?

    Troubled organizations usually wait until the last moment possible to admit they need a turnaround plan. By that time, though, drastic action is often necessary, as members may have deserted the organization, constituent relationships deteriorated, and financial reserves disappeared.

    Association Executive Management will help you find a way to stem the decline, stabilize the organization, and begin to grow again.

    Association Executive Management will work with you to develop a plan to get your organization working again. We will address management, financial, governance, and program delivery issues, as well as other areas that affect the group’s success and, perhaps, even its survival.

    Is there another way to increase revenue?

    Yes, but remember that sponsorship is not a donation. Its a business partnership in which a company gives your organization cash and/or products and services in return for access to your market. A successful sponsorship program must benefit your organization, your members, and the sponsor.

    Association Executive Management will help you craft a sponsorship program that works for your organization. Well help you learn how to identify potential sponsors, design programs that meet their needs and yours, and how to approach these companies.

    Local Government and Politics
    Are government officials listening to you?

    City councils and village boards, plan commissions, school boards, park districts, zoning committees, and other legislative, executive, and regulatory officials make a slew of decisions that affect your members and constituents - funding, certification, legal rights, service delivery, business practices - and many more

    Their decisions may be influenced by political connections, internal power relationships, or the perceived importance of your organization factors that have nothing to do with the merits of your issue. Sometimes they are also influenced by public or personal opinion - and sometimes, they aren't. You must learn what motivates each person whose support you need.

    Association Executive Management will help you develop an effective local government affairs strategy. We’ll help you identify the key decision-makers, determine the best method of reaching them, and devise an effective strategy to win their support.

    Special events (running)
    Do you think a running event can help market your organization? Increase awareness of your mission? Raise money?

    Running events can accomplish all of these things if they are executed properly. Send an email to dmpattcae@gmail.com to learn how Association Executive Management can help your running event succeed.

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