The Executive Director of a client association called late in the day to ask for advice and invited me to a meeting the following afternoon. I would have liked to attend but couldn't rearrange my schedule at such a late date.

I e-mailed some recommendations to share with her Board members and she was very happy. Still, she didn't believe she had made a "last minute" call.

A Board member of another association called around the same time asking where he could pick up "a projector" for a meeting the next day. He assumed he could just walk into "an office store" on the way to the meeting and rent one.

He didn't know what LCD or lumens meant and he had no idea the size of the screen it would be projecting on. I placed the order for him, told him where to pick it up and when to return it. He was happy. The successful outcome, though, reinforced his habit of last minute planning.

An association member called to find out where to purchase runner bibs (numbers worn by runners) for a race the following week. It was far too late to have these printed so I referred him to another member who maintains an inventory of blank bibs (no sponsor or race names) for emergencies.

If people had to pay extra for last minute planning, would they still wait until the last minute?