Kevin Holland noted my annoyance with people who don't return calls.

Ron Rosenberg related a similar experience to mine (in his weekly newsletter) but with independent businesses. Landscapers would not return his calls - and he wanted to hire them!

I've had the same problem with concrete companies. I need a curb cut for my driveway (the village installed "rolling" curbs fifty years ago, preventing homebuilders from connecting driveways to the street. Cars "roll over" the bump) and only one company responded. When I called to ask about the cost of a smaller portion of the job, I didn't get an answer.

I've resorted to scouting the neighborhood for contractors - while they are pouring concrete - and dragging them to my house to get a quote. Even when I tried to hire someone for a larger, more profitable job, it took weeks before anybody returned my call.

So why don't people call back? They just don't think it's worth it.

They don't realize, though, that today's brush-off may be tomorrow's lost opportunity.