It's more than just adding or deleting copy.

It's changing your entire appearance.

Consider these things before you begin:

1. Will a fresh, new look be more appealing to newer groups of people?

2. Are you worried about existing members or viewers thinking items they've liked will be gone or that they'll have to spend too much time searching a newly designed site to find them?

3. Do you think your old look is stale and a new one will invigorate current and past users?

4. Do you want people to revisit the entire site, hoping they'll find something new they like that they haven't used before?

Don't redesign your web site because you are bored with it. Your current users may not feel the same way. In fact, they may favor the familiar look.

Do redesign it because you think doing so will benefit your organization.

Whatever you decide, obtain feedback from newer and older users and from outsiders who don't have a stake in what you do but can offer useful suggestions.

And don't be hasty. Think through all the possible changes and implement those you think will help.

The fate of your organization is probably not dependent on the look of your web site. And an immediate redesign is not likely to have an immediate impact.