Don't stand at the front door every morning noting the time your employees arrive at work. Doing that will reduce productivity and office morale.

Yes, some jobs in association offices are time-specific and you may need to periodically monitor the people who hold those jobs.

But do it in a more private manner. And keep in mind that people who occupy time-specific positions are often oriented to that way of working. They like specific starting and ending times. They don't need to constantly be policed.

But many, many jobs in associations are not time-specific. Employees holding those positions need to complete specific tasks, not simply keep a chair warm for specific hours.

If you penalize people for not starting work at what you consider to be "on time," they won't extend themselves at the end of the day. They'll just drop what they are doing rather than stay longer and finish.

So, loosen up. Worry about tasks completed, not about the hours spent engaged in those tasks.