You don't have to. Even if you think you do.

Many professionals feel they need to remain connected to their work, even when they aren't working - and even when people should not expect them to be working.

But some business and association employees claim there is often a benefit in working beyond official office hours. Consultants and free-lancers often find it to be a necessity, so they intersperse work and personal tasks throughout the day.

In these instances, though, personal time - and family time - usually suffers.

If you are willing to let work tasks overflow into personal time, at least take control of the situation, don't let it take control of you.

Organize your time and execute tasks efficiently, so you can make the most of both work and personal hours.

And don't think that everything must be done immediately.

"If waiting until Monday doesn't make a difference, wait," suggests one observer of work/life balance.