So, I've been playing around with Prezi for my next presentation and decided I prefer PowerPoint.

I liked the Prezi presentation I recently saw because the speaker was boring and all of the slides were text. So, Prezi livened it up.

Well, I'm not boring and my slides have very little text. They're mostly images. I don't need Prezi to wake up the audience.

The movement on the Prezi screen, too, is a bit dizzying (as Prezi admits). And using it makes Prezi the presenter, rather than merely the backdrop. The only advantage I can see is that if I use it, people will think I'm cool and technologically advanced.

I'd rather be judged by the substance of my presentation than by the toys I use.

So, I'm sticking with PowerPoint.

NOTE: Many associations require presenters to use the organization's PowerPoint template. It's an attempt to brand the association by displaying its name and logo on ALL presentations.

I've never required that when I've produced meetings. I think attendees know where they are. The association doesn't have to hang its sign on everybody's slides. I'd rather let presenters use whatever techniques they feel will be most effective.

Educating people, rather than reminding them whose conference it is, has always been more important to me.